Created by me (Chris Goddard) who has now settled into the FRENCH way of life here in the Mayenne region of "LA BELLE FRANCE!"

Based in the South West of Mayenne (Renaze) Chris is hoping to shortly open a Tackle Shop to sell tackle to all and sundry. But as with everything in life it is taking a little longer than anticipated. But meanwhile, not to be accuse3d of sitting on his backside I have gone out and tried to find Lakes and waters which are not generally available to the general public. Waters such as the Lakes just outside St Michael de Chanveaux which are owned by a local Estate Agent (Robert) and contain fish which are now thought to be approaching upwards of 50lb+. Accommodation is also available right on the waters edge.

Or the local farmer who built a lake to be able to shoot ducks a couple of times a year and who stocked the lake with Carp as he wanted something to do when not shooting the ducks (Well he does this only 2 weeks a year!) And fancied being able to let his family do some fishing. He also built a LARGE wood cabin with stunning views over the lake, installed a bathroom and two bedrooms and of course cooking facilities and is now looking to rent the whole thing for the price of a week in Spain for Two! The property will take a family of six comfortably.

Or the Lady who has an Estate of several thousand acres and who has a Château which can be traced back several hundred years. The estate lake has recently been remodelled and soon a couple of 6 bed log cabins are to be erected to cater for FAMILIES to enable them to enjoy the life at a pace they can make themselves. Totally ensconced as it is in the folds of this huge estate and with the prospect of some HUGE fish to boot. The lake itself incidentally has NOT been fished except by a local farmer for around 40 years! SO make your OWN stories up about what is in it? But the lady DOES remember the skull of a Pike on the fence at the entrance to the estate from when she was a girl. It was estimated to be around 60Lbs from pictures supplied! This development is due to be available from the start of the 2009 season.

Or how about a couple of weeks in an idyllic cottage nestling as it does on the banks of the River Mayenne? Just above a watershed as it is situated and just below a large backwash the owner of the property is again part of the French Nobility (Traceable history to Joan of Arc) he has himself regularly fished the River and had fish (Carp) reputed to be in the region of 45Lbs. Now put this against a fish of the same size from a Lake?? beggars belief I reckon?

Even disabled (I am one of the chosen few) I also have access to a property with a newly dug lake which is "Miles from ANYWHERE!" Which is owned and operated by a gentleman who is confined for much of his life to a wheelchair. He has had the lake dug and stocked to his own requirements and so of course the farmhouse itself is converted to enable the disabled among us to enjoy the life the able bodied can. Set as it is in the countryside the views are superb as are ALL the lakes here mentioned! Lets face it what bit of water is NOT exceedingly good looking?

So please don't be a stranger and contact me as you please with ANY queries you have about the above or indeed anything you may wish to know about Fishing in general in the region. I will only be brutally honest!

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